Digital Marketing, Content Creation or Influencer Marketing Consultation

You will receive access to my calendar to book your 30 or 60 Minute Zoom Meeting once payment has been received.

1-on-1 Clarity Meeting with me (held via Zoom).

30 minutes or 1 hr with me dedicated to your business success.

During this call I will both listen and give you actionable next steps on what you should do moving forward.

This meeting can also be used for me to review or audit any marketing materials you currently have in place.

Here’s How It Works

  • Step One: Book a 1-on-1 Clarity Meeting and get your questions answered.

Before the call, you’ll share your biggest business or marketing challenges and questions with me through your Client Interest Form.

  • Step Two: On your call, we’ll dive into your business and discuss how to make improvements.

You’ll get solutions to your most pressing business problems and actionable advice for your current situation.

No fluff. (I don't sugar coat or beat around the bush)

Final price includes taxes and fees.

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Order Summary
[2023]Business Strategy Consultation - 30 mins

Order Summary
[2023]Business Strategy Consultation - 60 mins

Please understand that your entire business can not be transformed in one hour. I encourage you to plan on booking multiple consultations or sign up for a coaching program.