The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp

Get the Confidence and Clarity you need to transform your business and digital marketing.

This 1-on-1 Bootcamp designed to help new and established business owners learn how to manage their digital marketing so they can consistently earn more money online. This bootcamp is program, not a course. I'll help you create or revamp the most important aspects of your business.

Program Promise and Guarantee: Within 90 days together in this program you will have created or revamped the most essential aspects of your digital marketing, so that you are properly positioned to increase your current number of clients and customers and make more money online.

During this program you will:

  • Create Your Business Plan
  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Create content that sells
  • Learn how to Automate aspects of your marketing and make running a business easier
  • Build Your Sales Funnel
  • Create a lead generation plan to get more clients and customers
  • Set up your email marketing

and much more, as we will be working together in a on-on-one format 🥳

You want to grow your business and expand into other offerings, products, and create more income streams but I PROMISE you that you must first master digital marketing.

You're sitting on a six-figure business, let me help you take it there.

This bootcamp is exactly what you need to take the guesswork our of how to use digital marketing to make more sales so that you can elevate to the next level in your business.
We will focus on action, accountability, understanding effective digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp is perfect for you if...

✅ You're an aspiring entrepreneur or currently in business making less than 20k a month in revenue

✅ You're stuck on how to move forward or haven't seen major progress in your business in months

✅ You need an expert to help you finalize or update your business plan and work on your business with you for 90 days

✅ You want to learn how all of the pieces of marketing online work together to create a powerful brand

✅ You need an expert to help you create authentic social media content that allows you to stand out

✅ Want to build a solid marketing system that includes social media and email marketing to increase your brand visibility and sales

The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp is NOT for you if...

🚫 You’re in a network marketing or franchise business (unless you own the brand)

🚫 Your business is purely retail or wholesale products

🚫 You’re here for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, that’s not me. Authentic business strategies only here

🚫 People who are not willing to do the work it takes to build a successful marketing strategy

🚫 Are not interested in working with me in a 1:1 format

🚫 You're already 100% satisfied with your social media, email marketing and sales

Recent Testimonials ⬇️

"Before we started working together, I was doing about $4k/month in sales. As soon as we started working together, I had my first $10k month, then had a $10k week, to consistently having $20k months because of the digital marketing tools and technologies your program helped me set up."

- Tj (Texas)

"Working with Queen Digital has been extremely helpful for me! I was looking to revamp my business because initially I didn’t have a concrete plan of what I was looking for. However, after working with Queen Digital I realized that the upfront work you do in your business matters, and I was able to include the framework and automation needed to run a full blown coaching business."

- Vivian (Georgia)

"Now that I'm working with Queen Digital I feel like i'm moving, making progress, and setting myself up for long term success. Having a focus and clear steps works well for someone like me who makes to-do lists and gets satisfaction from crossing things off"

- Tijera (Texas)

"By working with Queen I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I am confident & getting major things done.

This bootcamp covers more than the just the marketing aspect. The activities also triggered how to make my business work overall.

I couldn’t be more satisfied. This experience is more than great! Keep doing what you're doing! Queen's patience and resources are more than enough.

The marketing avenues I have learned about have made me eager to see where I could be in the next couple of months."

- Jocelyn (Texas)

Who should attend the Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp?

Any small business owner or soloprenuer that is...

Confused or stuck with how to properly use digital marketing

Great digital marketing allows you to attract the correct audience and convert them to paying customers and clients. You're an expert in your dream, but marketing in 2021 is a different ball game. Let me help you!

not making enough sales

Businesses exist to make money. Consistently reaching your monthly revenue goals is possible with the right systems, organization and marketing

Wants to move on to bigger and better opportunities in your business

The truth is, if you had a 100% optimized business, you wouldn't be doubting yourself. Handle first things first and you'll have enough revenue to expand.

Primary Benefits of Joining The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp

For many of you, this is your first time investing in a business coach or program - so I completely understand the question of "how does this benefit me"?

Structured Material and HW Assignments

Every week you’ll be guided through written content and videos on a different digital marketing tactic that you must master to begin to grow your business. These modules are interactive where you will then apply what you learned to your company.

I have the template organized for you in Google Folders so that you also now have a structured approach to managing yourself as an entrepreneur. 

One-on-One Attention from an Expert

After each module we will meet via Zoom for private coaching.

You will also have access to me throughout our 90-days to make sure you are getting all of the personal attention and feedback you need, and to keep you motivated.

"Doing" more "Watching" less

You've probably consumed enough free videos and watched enough people on Instagram be where you want to be.

In this program you will build up your business and digital marketing with me right beside you. This includes revamping your social media, email marketing, lead generation, and learning how all of these pieces work together to a strong brand.

Technology and Automation Support

Receive website and software recommendations to make your life easier. I know just about every online tool needed to run a successful business online. Your request is only an ask away when you become a client.

Focus and Clear Next Steps

Have you ever thought about how long it seems to be taking you to make progress on your business?

This program pushes you (in a good way). I teach my clients how to make decisions faster, which is key when becoming a CEO. Time is money in business and I am dedicated to providing you support with prioritizing and how to move forward.

We will use my unique DACE framework to help you implement digital marketing and grow your business

Define your business foundation

Attract your target audience and Answer their questions

Convert leads into customers or clients

Educate and Engage prospects throughout your sales funnel

Bootcamp Modules


Onboarding and Goal Setting

Within your first two weeks of joining the bootcamp we will have a 30 minute Onboarding and Goal Setting Zoom Session where I will show you how the program is organized. At this time we will also work together to set realistic deadlines for goals you would like to accomplish within our 90 day program.


Module 1: Your Business Foundation

It's time to get organized!

This module is all about finalizing your business plan, website and systems you use in your business. I'll also provide you with tool recommendations for your website and social media accounts.

Of course I'll provide you with templates and file organization. We will review/finalize during our session.

A solid foundation is a must-have if you want to move from a few sales here and there to consistent income.

Advanced Bootcamp clients will have an additional focus of creating an outsourcing/delegation plan. I will guide you on this and we will a Zoom session to discuss and modify the plan.


Module 2: Sales Funnel Strategy

A sales funnel helps you understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the purchasing journey. These insights allow you to invest in the right marketing activities and channels, create the most relevant messaging during each stage and turn more prospects into paying customers.

I will guide you on how to best convert interested people into paying customers.

In this module you will leave with:

  • A Step by Step Visualization of your personalized sales funnel
  • Recommended Tools & Software that match your specific needs & budget
  • Strategy on Positioning your service or product for your ideal customer
  • An Audit of your existing sales set up


Module 3: Content and Social Media Strategy

We will plan your content/social media strategy and discuss the use of paid advertising if applicable. I provide recommendations on how this can be done most effectively for your specific business.

We will develop your content pillars so you always know what to post in order to attract and grow your online community.


Module 4: Email Marketing

Email will never go out of style. This is how you speak directly to your audience. Social media algorithms and posting every day in not a sustainable way to run a business.

In our session we will walk through and select your email service providers and create your first set of email sequences.


Module 5: Review

In this module we will review your final marketing plan and discuss next steps for you and your business including your 90 day roadmap and potential outsourcing. You'll be all smiles after confidently knowing that your business is set up for success and you are making sales left and right!

Do not buy this bootcamp.

Invest In it.

One thing I can promise you is that your investment in the Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp will save you more time, money, and effort in the long run. The material we share in each module took me YEARS of learning, coursework, and money to learn. This is what I want you to avoid.

You can’t pay someone to do your pushups for you, but a good trainer will keep you from getting hurt, motivate you, recommend healthy meals, and hold you accountable for your goals. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to commit.


  • All 5 Bootcamp modules
  • Onboarding and Goal Setting Session
  • Outsourcing/Delegation Session
  • Audit of Website, social media and email marketing account
  • Audit of existing marketing plan audit
  • 5 Coaching Sessions via Zoom (30 mins each)
  • Weekly HW assignments
  • Business building templates
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching
  • 90 day email and Voxer support from me to ask any business or marketing related questions


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For experienced entrepreneurs with a focus on hiring, outsourcing and delegating.

  • All 5 Bootcamp modules
  • Onboarding and Goal Setting Session
  • Outsourcing/Delegation Session
  • Audit of Website, social media and email marketing account
  • Audit of existing marketing plan audit
  • 5 Coaching Sessions Via Zoom (30 mins each)
  • Weekly HW assignments
  • Business building templates
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching
  • 90 day email and Voxer support from me to ask any business or marketing related questions


Premium Support

  • All 5 Bootcamp modules
  • Onboarding and Goal Setting Session
  • Outsourcing/Delegation Session
  • Audit of Website, social media and email marketing account
  • Audit of existing marketing plan audit
  • 7 Coaching Sessions via Zoom (30 mins each)
  • Weekly HW assignments
  • Business building templates
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching
  • 90 day email and Voxer support from me to ask any business or marketing related questions
  • Bonus Training: Mastering Youtube for Business


  • Bonus Training: Sell out the Holidays. How to Double Sales November - February



The Answers to your Questions

I'm a new business, will this work for me?

Yes! The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp is especially designed for entrepreneurs making less that 20k a month whether they are new or experienced. By implementing this at the start of your business, you'll be able to skip all the lost time and wasted money that other business owners face when they DIY their marketing alone.  

How long will it take to see results?

How quickly you will see results will depend on how quickly you can implement the tools, processes, and strategies to support your business. Results will vary, and will depend on your unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors.  

Will I need a giant marketing or ad budget to implement this strategy?

Nope! My framework and process focus on both organic marketing strategies. All strategies I share in this program are free or low cost to you but proven to bring in new customers and generate sales.

Is this a 1-on-1 service?

Yes. This is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. The strategy we create together will be completely personalized to your business.

How much time should I set aside for the Bootcamp?

I recommend setting aside a minimum of 5 hours a week to get your business to a steady state. Part of my role is to guide you and help prioritize which activities should be completed first.  

How long will I have to complete the Bootcamp?

You will have three months, starting from the day you sign up, to complete bootcamp modules and use your sessions with me. You will have lifetime access to all materials, notes, resources, recordings, and templates.  

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Three month payment options are available.  

Do I need to have anything specific to get started?

  • Access to a compter and internet 
  • At least 3 hours a week to commit to working on your business.
  • An open mind and a positive attitude!  
  • You do not need an LLC to join
  • You do not need a website to join - We'll work on that together

Do you offer refunds?

  • Due to the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds
  • With that said - I can guarantee that you will not need or want to a refund :)

Is this bootcamp in-person?

No, we will meet virtually via Zoom  

What are the benefits of joining Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp?

The Digital Marketing Business Bootcamp is an accelerated program, not a course. During the bootcamp you'll complete the work necessary to:

  • feel confident that you're building the business of your dreams and be able to articulate that vision.
  • create digital marketing content that makes potential clients and customers feel confident about the value of what you offer - shortening the time it takes for them to buy and reducing buyer's remorse.
  • generate brand awareness and understand how to profit from it
  • build a business that you're proud of and doesn't stress you out

Didn't see your question?

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