This is NOT a generic e-book with general information you can find online. This is a detailed workshop where you will learn the ins and outs of content creation and walk away with action steps on how to grow and monetize your content.

  • Are you struggling to grow your following?
  • Are you not sure if you should be a content creator, influencer?
  • Have you been struggling with low engagement?
  • Do you feel stuck on how to roll out your content?
  • Are you not sure what type of content you should post and how often?
  • Do you find editing and staying consistent overwhelming or confusing?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are in the right place.

All you need is a roadmap to show you what is currently working ... and how you can start or grow your income by creating content online.

This is why I'm inviting you to join the Workshop Series live or watch the recordings.

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Workshops and Recordings


Audience: Beginner to advanced content creators or entrepreneurs that want to drive sales using content. This workshop series will meet you where you are and push your skills to new heights.

Time: 7 PM CST. Don't worry if you can't join live. All workshops recordings will be emailed out and you will be able to submit questions for the Q&A in advance.

60 - 90 Minute Workshop Format: Hands-on workshop with examples, demos, discussion and Q&A.

Virtual Workshop - Don't be nervous! The workshop will be a small group of friendly people and you can turn your camera on or leave it off! An invitation link will be emailed to those who register prior to the workshop.

Participants can select which workshops they would like to attend or watch ( Joining all four is recommended!)

Workshop 1: Content Creator Essentials

  • Learn how to get started as a content creator 
  • How to be consistent 
  • Choosing Your Niche, Content Pillars and creating the best content ideas
  • The keys to going viral & getting more views 
  • Creating your Brand Partnership Manifestation List 
  • How to use the FFP Strategy (First 50 Posts) 
  • Learn how often you should post to your profile and stories and why
  • Optimizing your bio and posts to attract brands and Ad Agencies


March 6 Virtual Workshop and Recording

Workshop 2: Creating Better Content

  • Content planning templates and how to draft the best Ideas
  • Creating strong hooks and “stopping the scroll”
  • How to script, film and edit videos by yourself
  • Examples of creative content types & how to create top 3 Types of video content (vlogging, talking head video, and voiceover)
  • Photo editing app (FaceTune) tutorial
  • Video editing tutorial in the CapCut app


Workshop 3: Sources of Online Income and Monetizing

  • All about Sponsored Posts, Collaborations and Paid Brand Deals
  • How much to charge and what is reasonable to expect
  • Walk thought of my Media Kit & Creating Your Own
  • Creating UGC Content
  • Affiliate Marketing - Amazon Influencer Program and LTK
  • Using ManyChat (also known as comment “LINK”)
  • Offering Online Courses, EBooks and Classes
  • Influencer Platforms (creatorco, wesponsored, etc.) to find brand deals
  • Pitching Brands


Workshop 4:
Understanding Data, Learning Growth, Building Community vs Followers

  • Feel confident looking at Insights – and know exactly what they’re telling you
  • Data-driven strategies to move your business forward
  • Creating your Influencer Insights Spreadsheet and start recording metrics
  • How to encourage likes, saves, shares and DM’s
  • Building Know Like Trust through engaging IG stories


Joining all four workshops is recommended

Purchase Workshops 1-4 and Save $100

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Hi There! My name is Queen Oyeniyi and I am a digital marketing consultant, influencer and business coach that specializes in helping entrepreneurs make more money online through content. .

As a lifestyle influencer, I share my daily experiences with the world online and have a passion for inspiring people with videos about life as a corporate professional, wife, new mom, traveler and millennial.

Since beginning my journey as a content creator I have worked with major brands such as Target, Temu, Rooms 2 Go and more. More importantly, I have established my own voice as a creator and built a lucrative income doing what I love.

I consider myself a lover of media, with a degree in Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin; and have a gift of teaching cultivated through my Masters studies in Education from Southern Methodist University.

Aside from digital marketing - I love to explore new restaurants and create interior design mood boards in Canva.

Prior to my sessions with Queen, I didn’t know where to start or what to prioritize regarding content creation. Since meeting Queen, I learned just how much star power I have and also the demands of being a global content creator/influencer. Queen has been an asset to me and my brand because she has an amazing ability to listen, hear what I am saying clearly, she gets where I am coming from, and also where I seek to go with the task I am proposing. We have started a task, content creation, that seemed to have no beginning, utilized tools to set achievable goals towards the task, and set ambitious due dates. I am pleased to report I am making wonderful progress! I and my platform have benefitted tremendously from the consultations with Queen and the original, seemingly abstract task, content creation, is now detailed and definitive and on its way!

- Queen Olajumoke, Influencer Coaching Client